Watch the trailer for The Sleeper.

The Sleeper

The Sleeper

Lara is bored with her marriage and her quiet life in Cornwall. When she is offered a job in London she is delighted, and starts a weekly commute on the sleeper train. As she grows closer to a handsome fellow commuter, Guy, she begins to reevaluate everything, and particularly her suffocating relationship with her husband, Sam.

Iris, meanwhile, lives a quiet life with her reclusive boyfriend and her cats, but craves adventure. When tragedy strikes and her friend Lara vanishes from the sleeper train, apparently into thin air, it is only Iris who doesn’t take what has happened at face value.

Her investigations plunge Iris back into a life she had left behind, and force her to leave her comfort zone and head to Asia. As she risks everything to find her friend, she has no idea of what is lurking, waiting for her.

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