Arvon course

30th January 2023

I love teaching Arvon courses: there's something about that feeling of stepping out of the real world and into a magical place in which the only thing that matters is writing.

This course is writing for children and young adults, and I'm co teaching for a second time with the lovely Will Sutcliffe. Details are here:

Latest book

A Girl Can Dream

Hazel is in Venice, on a spontaneous holiday with her stepbrother Enzo and best friend Phoebe. They have just helped Hazel escape her increasingly destructive relationship with her older boyfriend, and have come away to celebrate her being her again. In the dreamy Italian sunshine, Hazel is managing to relax, to stop looking over her shoulder in case Freddie has followed her here. But there‚Äôs a girl she keeps seeing in the city. A girl with beautiful eyes. And whenever Hazel sees her and their eyes meet, something strange seems to happen - de ja vu, at first, and then…