Things to do Before the End of the World

Published by Penguin

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I'm delighted to say that my fourth novel for young adults, Things to do Before the End of the World, is going to be published on May 13th in the UK. It's set over the course of an increasingly hot summer before the apocalypse, in Britain, Spain and France.

Olivia has always been shy. When global events take away her future plans, and a previously-unknown cousin arrives from the US, she realises she needs to seize life while she still can. But is anything quite as it seems? And who can she really trust?

I love this book. I wrote it before Covid happened: it was originally due to be published a year ago and so I'm incredibly happy to get it out there at last. It's about finding your voice, being brave, and travelling in the sunshine.

Meanwhile, my first adventure in the world of horror, We Hear Voices, is out in hardback in the US. We Hear Voices is the story of an imaginary friend that gets out of hand. Billy is six, and recovers from a deadly flu with the help of an imaginary friend, Delfy. His mother is delighted. Until Billy starts to act in increasingly disturbing ways...

We Hear Voices has spooky children, space colonisation, spiders and a secret underground hospital, but at its heart it's a family story, about how you hold things together when the world around you is falling to pieces.



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