Do you want to write a novel? Have you started writing, but ground to a halt? Maybe you've done a writing course, but somehow haven't made it to the end of the book.

I can help.

In 2023, I'm able to take on a limited number of writing mentees, for the whole year. Each month I'll read a section of your work (up to 8,000 words), write notes on it and discuss it with you over Zoom, on the phone, or, if practical, face to face. I will motivate you and coach you to get to the end of your book, and if you follow my advice, by the end of December you will have a manuscript.


Mentoring for 12 months: £250 per month, with a discount for paying for the whole year upfront.

Manuscript read and report: £600

If you're a beginner and want some pointers for planning a novel, my Domestika course is here (and cheap). It's called Writing a Psychological Thriller, but everything it says can also be applied to other genres.

For any other needs, and shorter term flexible mentoring, get in touch.