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We Hear Voices

A few years ago I couldn’t shake the idea of writing a story about a boy with a voice in his head. The starting point, in fact,…

A stage play

I'm doing something completely new, as an extra writing project, right now: I'm adapting The One Memory of Flora Banks into a stage play. Craig has much…

The Prix Farniente

I was so happy to hear that the French edition of Flora Banks has won the Prix Farniente in Belgium! Thank you, lovely Belgian readers.

Honeymoon in Svalbard

When Craig and I were planning our wedding, we agreed early on that the only place for a honeymoon was Svalbard. That's how I knew I was…

The Year of the Audiobook

This year has been many things, but I’d like to talk about books, because books are among the better parts of being human. For me, 2018 was…

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