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I have never had a weekend like it. Last weekend I flew to Bogota and stayed there for four nights, courtesy of the FILBo book fair, taking Craig along with me. The whole thing already feels like a magical dream that can't really have happened.

One thing I learned was that Colombian readers, and particularly the younger ones, are hugely enthusiastic and passionate about books and reading. Their passion has stayed with me and inspired me as I get straight back to editing my next book.

Highlights included: meeting Valentina, who had won a competition to meet me, and was an incredibly articulate and lovely person. Being interviewed by Cindy, who not only interviewed me in English, but then immediately translated my answers to Spanish for the audience - and at the end of that interview, I was, totally unexpectedly, presented with an authentic drum, a Tambor Llamador, and given a quick lesson in how to play it. It is my favourite thing in the world right now. I did a panel event one evening with two brilliant authors, and had their words simultaneously translated into English through my headphones, which was a new and surprisingly straightforward experience. I met lots and lots of people and had an entirely amazing, exciting time.

The weekend passed by in a blur, which was accentuated by jet lag and by altitude, all of which made the whole thing feel trippy and amazing. On the last day we went up in a cable car to look down on Bogota from above. What a city.

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