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After Frankfurt and Dublin in October, I decided that I definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else until next year, because I had a lot going on at home. Then the invitation to the Montreuil Book Fair came along, and I decided to make an exception. I love Paris, and I already knew, thanks to Frankfurt, that I loved my French publishers, Casterman. So off I went.

The book fair was wonderful. I met lots of my French readers, including a whole load of bloggers who are absolutely wonderful, with incisive questions and lots of enthusiasm. I talked to two classes from local schools, and signed so many books that my hand started to hurt.

On top of that, my publishers were wonderful, and took me for cocktails and dinner, and gave me recommendations of places to go shopping in my free time. There was a brief flurry of snow at one point. It was amazing.

Right up until I came home, of course, and the Tube didn’t go all the way to Paddington, and then when I did get to Paddington every train out of the station was cancelled for hours. That’s how you know you’re (not quite) home.

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Ariel's accidental meeting with a handsome stranger called Joe is completely perfect; they have a connection like she's never known before. They exchange numbers and agree to meet when he is back from a trip to France. But when Ariel messages him, the number Joe gave her is disconnected. He's ghosted her. She assumes she will never see him again. Except she does. Again and again. Ariel returns to the place she and Joe met, and is stunned to find him there, not in France as he said he'd be, and behaving as if he has no idea who she…