Atlantic Shift

Atlantic Shift

Is it really necessary to go halfway round the world to find the real you?

Evie Silverman is a world-famous cellist who has been promoted far beyond her talents because she is beautiful and glamorous. This evening she is playing for Royalty, but after that, she has decided, she is going to change her life and leave her husband.

Her new life will begin with a trip to New York. However, she might find it’s not as easy to leave the past behind as she has always assumed.

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The One Memory of Flora Banks

As I’ve been writing for years and have thirteen books out in the world, I never expected that I’d be announcing a debut all over again. However, here it is: The One Memory of Flora Banks is my debut book for young adults. I started writing this as a thriller for adults, but as the story unfolded I realised that it was actually something quite different from anything I had previously written. I wrote it over the course of a couple of years, entirely as a labour of love as I had no idea whether anyone would ‘get’ it or…