The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood

We all have a dark side

Elizabeth is devastated when her boyfriend of ten years leaves her for someone else. After a night of drowning her sorrows leads to an unexpected one-night stand, she finds herself pregnant, alone and vulnerable.

Meanwhile Helen discovers she has an older sister who was adopted as a baby. Bored with her privileged life and driven by a need to gain her parents’ approval, Helen sets out to find her sister and reunite her with their mother. When her search leads her to Elizabeth the two women’s lives become entwined, with potentially catastrophic consequences for both of them.

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Ariel's accidental meeting with a handsome stranger called Joe is completely perfect; they have a connection like she's never known before. They exchange numbers and agree to meet when he is back from a trip to France. But when Ariel messages him, the number Joe gave her is disconnected. He's ghosted her. She assumes she will never see him again. Except she does. Again and again. Ariel returns to the place she and Joe met, and is stunned to find him there, not in France as he said he'd be, and behaving as if he has no idea who she…