The Life You Want

The Life You Want

...isn't always the life you need

The sequel to Backpack. Ten years on, Tansy is living in London, married with two smalll children, and struggling with her demons. She is desperate to leave it all behind and get back on the open road. However, when she gets to India, it seems her troubles are only just beginning, and soon she is on the run.

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Ariel's accidental meeting with a handsome stranger called Joe is completely perfect; they have a connection like she's never known before. They exchange numbers and agree to meet when he is back from a trip to France. But when Ariel messages him, the number Joe gave her is disconnected. He's ghosted her. She assumes she will never see him again. Except she does. Again and again. Ariel returns to the place she and Joe met, and is stunned to find him there, not in France as he said he'd be, and behaving as if he has no idea who she…