The Truth and Lies of Ella Black

The Truth and Lies of Ella Black

40 days until she dies

Ella Black looks, to the outside world, like a girl who has it all. She studies hard, has a boyfriend who’s not really her boyfriend, a best friend she depends on, and parents who are almost too nice.

But nobody knows what she’s really like: her dark side, Bella, is always threatening to take control, and it’s often a struggle for Ella to get through the days without doing something terrible.

Everything changes when her parents take her out of school in the middle of a day and whisk her away to Rio, the place of her dreams, without telling her why. She loves it, but has no idea what’s going on.

Until she finds out. And then she finds herself on the run, in a race against the clock, under the hot Brazilian sun.

Available in 14 languages

  • US - Philomel
  • BULGARIA – Kragozor
  • CANADA – PRH Canada
  • CATALAN – Salamandra
  • ISRAEL – Yedioth
  • HUNGARY – Muvelt Nep Konyvkiado
  • ITALY – Salani
  • PORTUGAL – 20 20 Editora
  • BRAZIL – Verus
  • RUSSIA – Exmo
  • SPAIN – Salamandra
  • TURKEY – Pegasus
  • VIETNAM – Nha Nam

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