The Perfect Lie

The Perfect Lie

Ever needed to disappear?

Lucy has her life set up just the way she wants it, until she is filmed rescuing a child from a cliff, the footage is shown on television, and a figure from her past catches up with her. She knows she has to run, and she decides to lose herself in the back streets of Venice.

However, it’s not long before she realises that the person she’s been running from all her life is here too, stalking her along the canals.

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The One Memory of Flora Banks

As I’ve been writing for years and have thirteen books out in the world, I never expected that I’d be announcing a debut all over again. However, here it is: The One Memory of Flora Banks is my debut book for young adults. I started writing this as a thriller for adults, but as the story unfolded I realised that it was actually something quite different from anything I had previously written. I wrote it over the course of a couple of years, entirely as a labour of love as I had no idea whether anyone would ‘get’ it or…